Things Are About To Get BLOODY DREADFUL!


What’s more exciting than a graphic novel by yours truly? A GODDAMN ONGOING SERIES by yours truly!

That’s right, friends – Your Humble Narrator has taken to the magic of the continuous periodical and has begun work on the horror anthology series BLOODY DREADFUL, coming to you soon from your friends at SLG Publishing!

Done in the spirit of 1950s horror comic classics (suck it, Fredric Wertham!), this terrifying book will revolve around The Grave Robber, who loots the dead in Victorian England and has the special gift of being able to see the pasts of the corpses he meets. Along for the ride is his easily-frightened Dog, who cowers at the lurid and shocking tales the cemetery provides.

So keep an eye out, chummies, because when the book is nearing release, you’ll hear it here first!

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