As with anyone hailing from the treacherous waters of San Francisco’s Barbary Coast, the gentleman known as Justin Sane is a person of inventive character.
Inspired by Victorian silhouettes, magic lantern slides and silent film, he has endeavored to bring stories to whomever shows the slightest interest. His recent pictorial efforts include a 2-part comic series entitled HEART OF A CORPSE, the horror anthology BLOODY DREADFUL and writer of the social satire THE WOODLAND WELFARE MANIFESTO (art by John Hageman), all from SLG Publishing.
In addition to his comics work, he has contributed to the art of the moving picture, both animated and live action. His short films have played in festivals all over the world, including Spike & Mike’s Sick & Twisted Festival of Animation. You may contact him via Morse code, telegram, spirit medium or at justin@mrjustinsane.com


Graphic Novels:
2015 “Bloody Dreadful: Book 3” (SLG Publishing, 60 pages) Writer/Illustrator

2014 “The Woodland Welfare Manifesto” (SLG Publishing, 54 pages), Writer, Art by John Hageman

2013 “Bloody Dreadful: Book 2” (SLG Publishing, 60 pages), Writer/Illustrator

2012 “Bloody Dreadful: Book 1” (SLG Publishing, 48 pages), Writer/Illustrator

2011 “Heart of a Corpse” (SLG Publishing, 142 pages), Writer/Illustrator

Comic Series:
2020 “Charley & Humphrey” (10 Ton Press) Writer, Art by John Hageman
Short Comic Stories:
Käse Ratten (8 pages) Writer, Art by Juan Calle
2013 “SLG Publishing Presents: Too Mean To Die!” – “Under Repairs” (SLG Publishing, 5 page story) Writer/Illustrator
2017 “Herschell Gordon Lewis’ BLOODMANIA”  Feature Anthology Film – Screenwriter, Segment “The Night Hag”
Freelance Work:

HASBRO – Copywriter

I have done freelance copywriting work for Hasbro on such lines as Star Wars, Transformers, Marvel, Stretch Armstrong, Baby Alive, The Littlest Pet Shop and Play-Doh. Services included brainstorming ideas for names of lines and figures, as well as ecommerce copy.

I am available for other freelance work and have experience in the fields of writing, copywriting,  comic books, screenwriting and film direction. Send me an email at justin@mrjustinsane.com and let’s talk!

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