Here’s a sample of my work as both a writer and artist!


KÄSE RATTEN is an 8-page, all-ages folk horror tale about Katja, a young German girl struggling to deal with the odd changes in her brother Augustus after he falls through a hole in their bedroom wall. Written by Justin Sane and illustrated by Juan Calle.

Kase Ratten 04

THE WOODLAND WELFARE MANIFESTO is a riotous social satire about three downtrodden animals and their quest to fight back against the uncaring capitalists who rule their forest with an iron fist! Drawn by John Hageman (the webcomic SOCIAL VERMYN), this book has been called “a rollicking and subversive comic book that can NEVER be unread (*dramatic music*) and is totally worth exposing yourself to.” – Bryant Dillon, Fanboy Comics. BUY ON AMAZON

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HEART OF A CORPSE is the undead love story between a mortician’s daughter and her deceased fiance, a gentleman compelled to rise nightly from his grave due to a heart that never managed to decompose. Inspired by magic lantern slides, silent film and Victorian silhouettes, it has been described by Serena Valentino (Gloomcookie, Nightmares & Fairy Tales, the Disney novels Fairest of All and The Beast Within) as “stark, beautiful and moving – like some of my favorite silent film directors, Justin exhibits exquisite visual storytelling skills in this dark and romantic story.” BUY ON AMAZON

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BLOODY DREADFUL is a horror anthology series focusing on a grave robber with the special gift of seeing the past lives of the bodies he unearths. This series brings to life grim interconnected stories of Victorian horror. “The work is definitely something a little less ordinary and evokes Edgar Allen Poe and Edward Gorey, paying reverence to both and doing a great job in the process.” – Jonathan Pilley, The Nerd Machine BUY ON AMAZON: BOOK ONE, BOOK TWO

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Page 003

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Additional Art!

These were done for various celebrations on COMICSALLIANCE.COM!

Steve Gerber Tribute:

Mary Blair’s Birthday:

Three Caballeros Justin Sane


Plop by Justin Sane


Hellboy by Justin Sane

Jack Kirby’s Birthday:

Kirby Birthday Justin Sane Fixed

Winsor McCay’s Birthday:

McCay by Sane

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