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    Your first look at the cover for my upcoming graphic novel, THE WOODLAND WELFARE MANIFESTO! Illustrated by John Hageman (the webcomic Social Vermyn) and written by yours truly, WOODLAND WELFARE is the hilarious story of Burnt Bear, Crazy Rabbit and Pervert Monkey – three proletarian animals struggling against the heartless capitalist system that rules their […]

  • Great review of BLOODY DREADFUL at OMNICOMIC!

    “All right then – who’s next?” Typically, those words are uttered by a person on a rampage, looking to take on all comers. Sometimes though, it works perfectly well when working through a series of something. Like robbing graves in Bloody Dreadful #1-2 from Slave Labor Graphics Publishing. CLICK HERE FOR MORE!

  • Article on SLG at Comic Book Resources

    Great interview with my publisher Dan Vado on SLG Publishing and the future of comics at COMIC BOOK RESOURCES – even a BLOODY DREADFUL mention or two! CLICK HERE TO READ!


    It’s here, comic fans! The second book in my hilariously horrific Victorian terror series from SLG Publishing, BLOODY DREADFUL, is now on Amazon! In the story “No Small Parts”, unscrupulous drama critic Arthur Yates attempts to blackmail famous actor Vincent Hollow into revealing the secrets behind his uncannily realistic stage makeup. When Hollow refuses to […]

  • Sneak Peek at BLOODY DREADFUL #3!

    Hello, horror fans! Your humble narrator has been hard at work putting together the next terrifying story of BLOODY DREADFUL, which will span issues 3-4 and is entitled “No Small Parts”! The teaser picture above finds stage actor Vincent Hollow, better known as “The Grand Duke of Guises”, getting dressed after a night’s performance! Stay […]

  • BLOODY DREADFUL now available!

    The first issue of my new horror anthology series from SLG Publishing, BLOODY DREADFUL, is now available on the comiXology and Comics Plus apps! Here’s a synopsis, kids: In the foggy shadows of Victorian England, a wisecracking Grave Robber utilizes his special gift to see the past lives of the bodies he unearths, and reveals […]

  • Things Are About To Get BLOODY DREADFUL!

    What’s more exciting than a graphic novel by yours truly? A GODDAMN ONGOING SERIES by yours truly! That’s right, friends – Your Humble Narrator has taken to the magic of the continuous periodical and has begun work on the horror anthology series BLOODY DREADFUL, coming to you soon from your friends at SLG Publishing! Done […]


    HEART OF A CORPSE: AN UNDEAD ENGAGEMENT – PART ONE HOLY CRIPES! Did you know that you can now order HEART OF A CORPSE: AN UNDEAD ENGAGEMENT – PART ONE right from AMAZON?! You can actually hold a physical copy of the glorious digital comic from SLG Publishing right in your hot little hands? ITS […]

  • Skull & Crosscombs Shirt!

    Skull & Crosscombs

    Do you like your hair as perfect as this rockabilly skull does? Then you’ll definitely want this shirt I designed, available at SLG Publishing’s website! Get it for yourself, or any rock ‘n roll fans in your life. And don’t forget to buy more than one – I need the cash for my Pomade Fund!

  • The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari Shirt!

    The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari Shirt!

    Hey, Corpse fans – did you know that in addition to comics I’ve also designed some shirts for SLG Publishing’s newest t-shirt venture KAHAZOOM.COM? It’s true! And what better way to kick off my designs than with a tribute to my favorite silent horror film – THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI! Now you can wear the world’s most famous somnambulist, Cesare – it makes a perfect sleep-shirt (ba-zing! movie joke).

    It’s also available on SLG’s regular site if you’d prefer to buy one along with a bunch of comics and stuff: