Welcome! I’m Justin Sane – filmmaker, screenwriter, puppeteer and comics creator.

My published comic works include writing and illustrating such titles as the Victorian horror romance HEART OF A CORPSE and the anthology series BLOODY DREADFUL, as well as writing duties on the social satire THE WOODLAND WELFARE MANIFESTO and the ongoing all-ages comedy series CHARLEY & HUMPHREY, both illustrated by John Hageman.

As a filmmaker, I’ve written and directed several short films, one of which toured with Spike & Mike’s Sick & Twisted Festival of Animation. As a screenwriter, I penned “The Night Hag”, one of the four segments of BLOODMANIA, the final film by “The Godfather of Gore”, Herschell Gordon Lewis.

Please, take a look around and have a cup of tea (cup of tea not guaranteed.)

  • Käse Ratten: An All-Ages Horror Tale

    Read Käse Ratten, the free short, spooky all-ages comic story written by myself and illustrated by Juan Calle! Link to the full 8-page comic: http://bit.ly/KaseRattenFree

  • Preorder CHARLEY & HUMPHREY #2!

    CHARLEY & HUMPHREY #2 is now available to preorder in Previews! Ask your local comic shop to order you a copy with the code APR221147! Written by yours truly, art by John Hageman and cover by MAD Magazine alum David DeGrand!

    When rowdy beatnik café The HepCat opens next door to Charley and Humphrey, the boys must go undercover as the coolest cats in town to infiltrate the cacophonous coffeehouse and put an end to open mic night for good.

    In Shops: Jun 01, 2022

  • Now Available!

    Now available at your favorite comic shops and 10tonpress.com – it’s issue #1 of the latest comic by artist John Hageman and myself, CHARLEY & HUMPHREY! When a motley crew of fleas stow away on Charley, it’s up to accident-prone Humphrey to save the day before the itchy interlopers ruin an important ceremony down at the Sea Horse Docks. Based upon the popular puppet characters created by Pat McCormick, which have delighted audiences for over 60 years! The first issue’s cover is by none other than Transmetropolitan and The Boys co-creator Darick Robertson!

  • Happy Holidays!

    Happy Holidays from Charley & Humphrey! Check out their new comic book, in comic stores and 10tonpress.com on January 19th! #comic #comics #charleyandhumphrey #patmccormick #comicbook #comicbooks #10tonpress


    Amazing article about the CHARLEY & HUMPHREY comic by John Hageman and I, written by Rae Alexandra at KQED.org! Check it out! Thank you, Rae!

    Click on the image below to read the article!

  • Thanks, Fanboy Planet!

    Thanks so much for your lovely review of CHARLEY & HUMPHREY #1, Fanboy Planet! Look for issue one at your local comic shop or online retailers December 29th!

    L.A. ComicCon 2021: Pat McCormick’s Charley & Humphrey

  • CHARLEY & HUMPHREY Previews Code

    Comics fans! The Previews code for issue one of CHARLEY & HUMPHREY is here! You can ask your local comic shop to order you a copy of the book with the code below, and please tell your friends! This ongoing all-ages series is written by myself and illustrated by the great John Hageman, with issue #1 cover by comics legend Darick Robertson (The Boys, Transmetropolitan)! Check out a preview at 10tonpress.com!

  • Free Comic Book Day is Tomorrow!

    Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day! Run out to your local comic shop and pick up 10 Ton Press’s 10 Tons of Fun Preview, featuring a CHARLEY & HUMPHREY story by John Hageman and I! See you there, and check out all of the awesome comics coming your way at 10tonpress.com!

  • Free Comic Book Day is August 14th!

    Pick up your copy of 10 Ton Press’ 10 Tons of Fun Preview this Free Comic Book Day, Saturday August 14th at your local comic shop! It features a Charley & Humphrey story written by myself, and illustrated by the great John Hageman!
    Special thanks to Dennis and Sheryl Lancaster for their puppet wizardry!

  • Free Comic Book Day at Flying Colors Comics!

    Say, what are you doing on Saturday, August 14th? It’s Free Comic Book Day, so head on down to Flying Colors Comics in Concord and meet Charley & Humphrey co-creator John Hageman, Becoming Frankenstein’s Mel Smith and Red Dawn’s Brandon McKinney!

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