HEART OF A CORPSE Press Release!

Hey, wanna see the press release for HEART OF A CORPSE? Sure you do!


Undying Love To An Extreme In New Comic Series

San Jose, CA – February 14th 2012 –   The old saying that love never dies has never been more true than in the new digital comic book mini-series Heart of a Corpse from artist Justin Sane and SLG Publishing. Mixing Victorian styled silhouettes with a silent film storytelling style, Heart of a Corpse is a two part story that follows the love a man has for a morticians daughter to the grave and beyond.

“Heart of a Corpse is the result of my being a bit obsessed with silent films – particularly horror and fantasy of the era.” explains creator Justin Sane “There’s a romanticism at work in those films, macabre as some may be, that modern cinema just doesn’t seem to match for me. I thought something done in that style would be very interesting to see in a comic book.”

Heart of a Corpse’s silent film style made doing the series as a digital comic a natural for an initial release “I reviewed the proposal for this book on the web and as I read it felt like the best place for this comic was in a digital space” said publisher Dan Vado “had we printed this it would have been in black and white and a lot of the beauty of the series would have been lost. The silent film style of the storytelling really lent itself to this being released digitally.”

Heart of a Corpse is currently available at the SLG Publishing digital store in three formats ePub, .cbz and .pdf (www.slgcomic.com/eyemelt) as well as at the iTunes store and will be coming soon to Comixology, iVerse and Graphicly for sale through those readers as well as to BN.com for Nook and Nook Color. Issue #1 is a free download, each subsequent issue will be 99¢.

SLG Publishing is the San Jose, CA based comic book publisher is celebrating its 25th year and best known for being the publisher of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac by Jhonen Vasquez. In addition to Vasquez, SLG has been the initial stepping-stone for many popular cartoonists including Roman Dirge and Evan Dorkin

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