Welcome! I’m Justin Sane – filmmaker, screenwriter, puppeteer and comics creator.

My published comic works include writing and illustrating such titles as the Victorian horror romance HEART OF A CORPSE and the anthology series BLOODY DREADFUL, as well as writing duties on the social satire THE WOODLAND WELFARE MANIFESTO and the ongoing all-ages comedy series CHARLEY & HUMPHREY, both illustrated by John Hageman.

As a filmmaker, I’ve written and directed several short films, one of which toured with Spike & Mike’s Sick & Twisted Festival of Animation. As a screenwriter, I penned “The Night Hag”, one of the four segments of BLOODMANIA, the final film by “The Godfather of Gore”, Herschell Gordon Lewis.

Please, take a look around and have a cup of tea (cup of tea not guaranteed.)

  • HEART OF A CORPSE Issue #1 is #11 on comiXology’s Top Free Comics!

    That’s right, comic fans! The first part of my graphic novel, HEART OF A CORPSE, has almost reached the top ten free comics on comiXology! Please help spread the word – and let’s get it to #1! The first part is free, and the second is a measly 99 cents!


  • Nightmares & Fairy Tales’ Serena Valentino weighs in on HEART OF A CORPSE!

    “Heart of a Corpse is stark, beautiful and moving – like some of my favorite silent film directors, Justin exhibits exquisite visual storytelling skills in this dark and romantic story.” – Serena Valentino, creator and writer of Nightmares & Fairy Tales and author of Fairest of All.

    Visit Serena’s site and make sure to pick up her comic series NIGHTMARES & FAIRY TALES, GLOOMCOOKIE and her prose novel on Snow White’s Wicked Queen, FAIREST OF ALL!

    And grab yourself a copy of HEART OF A CORPSE on comiXology – first issue is free, second is only 99 cents!

  • HEART OF A CORPSE is here!

    It’s here! HEART OF A CORPSE, my graphic novel from SLG, is now available in digital form! The first issue is free, with the second part being a paltry 99 cents! You’d spend 99 cents on lil’ ol’ me, wouldn’t you?

    SLG: Available as a PDF, CBZ or ePub file!

    comiXology: Download the app for iPhone/iPad, Android and Kindle Fire!

    iTunes: For the iBookstore!



  • HEART OF A CORPSE comes to you February 15th!

    That’s right, my friends – my long-awaited debut graphic novel from the mighty SLG Publishing will be coming to you digitally tomorrow – so grab your digital readers!

    You can find it on comiXology – download the app for your iPhone, iPad, Android or Kindle Fire and prepare yourselves for tomorrow’s release!

    A release for the iBookstore and on SLG’s website is coming, too! Stay tuned!

  • Take a look at the cover for HEART OF A CORPSE!

    Here it is, my little dumplings – the cover for the upcoming digital release of my graphic novel, HEART OF A CORPSE! It will reach your digital readers this February from the fine folks at SLG PUBLISHING! So make sure you buy copies for yourself and everyone you know.




    Wow! It’s the logo for my upcoming graphic novel, HEART OF A CORPSE! Coming to you in February – stay tuned for more news!

  • Welcome to my blog.

    Hello, lucky reader.

    If you’re reading this, it means you’ve successfully stumbled upon the blog for my comics! Unless, of course, you were looking for another page – in which case you were fortunate enough to be accidentally redirected here!

    My name is Justin Sane and I make comics. Comics you want to read. Comics you want to cherish. Comics that will make your life worth living. Guaranteed*.

    So keep an eye on this page for all the latest in the goings-on in my comic book adventures. It will be fun and interesting. I promise**.

    Your comics pal,


    * Guarantee not guaranteed.

    ** Promises not guaranteed.

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