Welcome! I’m Justin Sane – filmmaker, screenwriter, puppeteer and comics creator.

My published comic works include writing and illustrating such titles as the Victorian horror romance HEART OF A CORPSE and the anthology series BLOODY DREADFUL, as well as writing duties on the social satire THE WOODLAND WELFARE MANIFESTO and the ongoing all-ages comedy series CHARLEY & HUMPHREY, both illustrated by John Hageman.

As a filmmaker, I’ve written and directed several short films, one of which toured with Spike & Mike’s Sick & Twisted Festival of Animation. As a screenwriter, I penned “The Night Hag”, one of the four segments of BLOODMANIA, the final film by “The Godfather of Gore”, Herschell Gordon Lewis.

Please, take a look around and have a cup of tea (cup of tea not guaranteed.)

  • I’m going APE!

    As in ALTERNATIVE PRESS EXPO, friends! If you’re one of the lucky people in the Bay Area this weekend, why not trek over to San Francisco and come see me and all your SLG Publishing favorites (including MODEL A’s Jef Bambas, SANCTUARY’S Stephen Coughlin and MONSTROSIS’ Chris Wisnia)?!

    October 13-14th. I’ll be there at the SLG booth (tables #117-119), and that’s right near the bathrooms! COME SAY HI. GET STUFF SIGNED. GIVE ME YOUR MONEY (please?)

  • My Clip from EMPIRE UNCUT!

    Hey, have you heard of the fan-made crowdsourced STAR WARS remake called STAR WARS UNCUT? Well, now they’re doing EMPIRE UNCUT and I decided to get in on the action! I animated a 15-second snippet with Luke and Yoda on Dagobah talking about The Force. You wanna watch it and like it. And maybe leave me a comment on the video’s page. Right? Right.


  • The Adolphus Asylum Staff

    Hello, friends! I bet you’re wondering what I’ve been working on lately. With PROFESSOR M in the can, it was time to start work on my next project (which shall remain nameless – FOR NOW). Here are the staff of the asylum part of the book takes place in. Does the fellow on the right look familiar to any B-movie horror fans out there?

  • Wow, it’s been a month since my last post?

    I am ashamed. Well, I can’t blame myself – I’ve been working non-stop! I finished the first cut of PROFESSOR M and am now in the clean-up stages (correcting word bubbles, adjusting panels to my liking, etc.) – and it’s ended up at about 115 pages. I have two other comics lined up (possibly three – still working out the story on the third), so I’m sure there will be lots more news to come in the next few months!

    In the meantime, enjoy this panel from PROFESSOR M, which is definitely one of my favorites.


  • Professor M: Inspector of the Spectral Cover!

    Professor M: Inspector of the Spectral Cover!

    Hello, comic fans! I bet you’re wondering what this picture is. Well, it’s the cover for my upcoming graphic novel PROFESSOR M: INSPECTOR OF THE SPECTRAL! The story of an ill-tempered detective who solves supernatural crimes, it’s sure to tickle your funnybone as well as your brain. The release date is TBA, but I’ll be bringing you page shots until it officially lands in your laps. HOORAY!

  • Skull & Crosscombs Shirt!

    Skull & Crosscombs

    Do you like your hair as perfect as this rockabilly skull does? Then you’ll definitely want this shirt I designed, available at SLG Publishing’s website! Click on the little guy above to get it for yourself, or any rock ‘n roll fans in your life. And don’t forget to buy more than one – I need the cash for my Pomade Fund!

  • The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari Shirt!

    Hey, Corpse fans – did you know that in addition to comics I’ve also designed some shirts for SLG Publishing’s newest t-shirt venture KAHAZOOM.COM? It’s true! And what better way to kick off my designs than with a tribute to my favorite silent horror film – THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI! Now you can wear the world’s most famous somnambulist, Cesare – it makes a perfect sleep-shirt (ba-zing! movie joke).


    It’s also available on SLG’s regular site if you’d prefer to buy one along with a bunch of comics and stuff:




    Go on over and listen to two comic fans talk about all manner of interesting things, including a great review of HEART OF A CORPSE!


  • Awesome Review of HEART OF A CORPSE


    Here’s an excellent review of HEART OF A CORPSE from Orion Tippens at ALL DAY COMICS!


  • HEART OF A CORPSE Press Release!

    Hey, wanna see the press release for HEART OF A CORPSE? Sure you do!


    Undying Love To An Extreme In New Comic Series

    San Jose, CA – February 14th 2012 –   The old saying that love never dies has never been more true than in the new digital comic book mini-series Heart of a Corpse from artist Justin Sane and SLG Publishing. Mixing Victorian styled silhouettes with a silent film storytelling style, Heart of a Corpse is a two part story that follows the love a man has for a morticians daughter to the grave and beyond.

    “Heart of a Corpse is the result of my being a bit obsessed with silent films – particularly horror and fantasy of the era.” explains creator Justin Sane “There’s a romanticism at work in those films, macabre as some may be, that modern cinema just doesn’t seem to match for me. I thought something done in that style would be very interesting to see in a comic book.”

    Heart of a Corpse’s silent film style made doing the series as a digital comic a natural for an initial release “I reviewed the proposal for this book on the web and as I read it felt like the best place for this comic was in a digital space” said publisher Dan Vado “had we printed this it would have been in black and white and a lot of the beauty of the series would have been lost. The silent film style of the storytelling really lent itself to this being released digitally.”

    Heart of a Corpse is currently available at the SLG Publishing digital store in three formats ePub, .cbz and .pdf (www.slgcomic.com/eyemelt) as well as at the iTunes store and will be coming soon to Comixology, iVerse and Graphicly for sale through those readers as well as to BN.com for Nook and Nook Color. Issue #1 is a free download, each subsequent issue will be 99¢.

    SLG Publishing is the San Jose, CA based comic book publisher is celebrating its 25th year and best known for being the publisher of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac by Jhonen Vasquez. In addition to Vasquez, SLG has been the initial stepping-stone for many popular cartoonists including Roman Dirge and Evan Dorkin

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