Welcome! I’m Justin Sane – filmmaker, screenwriter, puppeteer and comics creator.

My published comic works include writing and illustrating such titles as the Victorian horror romance HEART OF A CORPSE and the anthology series BLOODY DREADFUL, as well as writing duties on the social satire THE WOODLAND WELFARE MANIFESTO and the ongoing all-ages comedy series CHARLEY & HUMPHREY, both illustrated by John Hageman.

As a filmmaker, I’ve written and directed several short films, one of which toured with Spike & Mike’s Sick & Twisted Festival of Animation. As a screenwriter, I penned “The Night Hag”, one of the four segments of BLOODMANIA, the final film by “The Godfather of Gore”, Herschell Gordon Lewis.

Please, take a look around and have a cup of tea (cup of tea not guaranteed.)

  • CHARLEY & HUMPHREY Previews Code

    Comics fans! The Previews code for issue one of CHARLEY & HUMPHREY is here! You can ask your local comic shop to order you a copy of the book with the code below, and please tell your friends! This ongoing all-ages series is written by myself and illustrated by the great John Hageman, with issue #1 cover by comics legend Darick Robertson (The Boys, Transmetropolitan)! Check out a preview at 10tonpress.com!

  • Free Comic Book Day is Tomorrow!

    Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day! Run out to your local comic shop and pick up 10 Ton Press’s 10 Tons of Fun Preview, featuring a CHARLEY & HUMPHREY story by John Hageman and I! See you there, and check out all of the awesome comics coming your way at 10tonpress.com!

  • Free Comic Book Day is August 14th!

    Pick up your copy of 10 Ton Press’ 10 Tons of Fun Preview this Free Comic Book Day, Saturday August 14th at your local comic shop! It features a Charley & Humphrey story written by myself, and illustrated by the great John Hageman!
    Special thanks to Dennis and Sheryl Lancaster for their puppet wizardry!

  • Free Comic Book Day at Flying Colors Comics!

    Say, what are you doing on Saturday, August 14th? It’s Free Comic Book Day, so head on down to Flying Colors Comics in Concord and meet Charley & Humphrey co-creator John Hageman, Becoming Frankenstein’s Mel Smith and Red Dawn’s Brandon McKinney!

  • Free Comic Book Day!

    This August 14th is Free Comic Book Day! Look for 10 Ton Press’s 10 Tons of Fun Preview, featuring a Charley and Humphrey story, at your favorite comic book store! The full series, illustrated by John Hageman and written by Justin Sane, will be coming your way Fall 2021!

    Justin Sane and Serena Valentino are pleased to announce the forthcoming launch of their indie comic publishing label FEARSOME LIBRARY. They’ll be embarking on this new venture by reprinting Justin Sane’s beautiful graphic novel HEART OF A CORPSE, and collecting the first six issues of Serena Valentino’s and Ted Naifeh’s fan favorite comic book series GLOOMCOOKIE into hardcover graphic novels.

    Eventually Fearsome Library will also showcase Serena and Justin’s new creator-owned content, as well as continue to reprint some of their previous creator-owned works. Please stay tuned for their crowdfunding campaign to be launched in the near future when you will have the opportunity to preorder the books, as well as partake in the other enticing incentives they have planned for you.


    Justin plans to remaster his beautiful and cinematic masterpiece with this reprinting that will showcase his unique and stunning art style.

    At a mortuary overlooking the sea, a young hearse driver proposes to his love, the beautiful mortician’s daughter Annabel. However, when a rival suitor, driven by greed, finds out about the betrothal, he takes matters into his own hands to ensure that their impending marriage is dead and buried.

    Justin Sane, inspired by Victorian silhouettes, magic lantern slides and silent film has endeavored to create stories of haunting beauty. His recent pictorial efforts include a 2-part comic series entitled HEART OF A CORPSE, the horror anthology BLOODY DREADFUL, and the social satire THE WOODLAND WELFARE MANIFESTO, and the all ages series CHARLEY & HUMPHREY, both illustrated by John Hageman. In addition to his comics work, he has contributed to the art of the moving picture, both animated and live action. His short films have played in festivals all over the world, including Spike & Mike’s Sick & Twisted Festival of Animation.

    Praise for Heart of a Corpse:

    “Full of irony, tragedy, twists, and dashes of dark humor, a magnificent experience awaits those who love that perfect balance between art and story in the familiar sequential form.”

    • Orion Tippens, All Day Comics

    “Now this is my kind of love story, one from beyond the grave. It is gorgeous.”

    • David Baker, 410 Media

    “Heart of a Corpse is stark, beautiful and moving. Like so many of my favorite silent film directors, Justin exhibits exquisite visual storytelling skills in this dark and romantic story.”

    • Serena Valentino, New York Times Bestselling Author.


    Valentino and Ted Naifeh are joining forces once again to collect the first six issues of their popular comic book series GloomCookie in a beautiful hardcover anniversary edition. It will feature some never before printed extras, new lettering, foreword by Darick Robertson, and depending on fan support may also include new story and sequential art featuring your favorite GloomCookie characters.

    The GloomCookie universe features an ensemble cast of characters: Tiny heroines, malevolent gargoyles, living wax statues, tortured werewolves, bad goth poets, delusional live-action Nosferatu players, reformed wicked queens, and monsters under the bed. In the center of the story is Sebastian, a young man with extraordinary powers granted by his mysterious family, The Carnival Macabre. Sebastian fears he has wished everything and everyone he knows into creation. He has to come to terms with his powers and the enormous responsibility that comes along with them.

    Serena Valentino is best known for weaving tales that combine mythos and guile with her work on comic book series GloomCookie and Nightmares & Fairy Tales, and her New York Times Bestselling novels Serena Valentino’s Villains published by Disney, which have earned her critical acclaim for bringing her readers into exquisitely frightening worlds filled with terror, beauty, and extraordinary protagonists.

    Ted Naifeh, comic book writer and artist known for his illustrations in the goth romance comic Gloomcookie. Naifeh has since become most known as the creator of the Eisner-Award-nominated series Courtney Crumrin, published by Oni Press, amongst numerous other acclaimed comic book series.

    Praise for GloomCookie:

    “Just the sort of thing I like – elegant, melodramatic and dire. Thank you for darkening my door and darkening my day.”

    • Daniel Handler (Lemony Snicket) A Series of Unfortunate Events

    “Funny, sweet and human. Lovely and a nice surprise.”

    • Neil Gaiman, Coraline, Sandman, American Gods

    “It smacks of experience and heartfelt feelings. A smashing debut…”

    • Darick Roberston The Boys, Transmetropolitan.

    If you’ve made it this far, THANK YOU! Justin and I are so excited by the notion of reprinting these books, and look forward to the possibility of self publishing our new creator-owned projects in the future with some truly talented and amazing artists like Juan Calle, Pablo Santander, and Darick Robertson, so please stay tuned for future updates about the various projects we have in the works, and for our crowdfunding campaigns because it won’t be possible without the support of our lovely readers. Xo

  • Free Comic Book Day 2021!

    Comic fans! This upcoming Free Comic Book Day (August 14th!), look for the 10 TONS OF FUN PREVIEW, featuring a CHARLEY & HUMPHREY story illustrated by John Hageman and written by yours truly! The full CHARLEY & HUMPHREY comic series is coming to you later this year, and issue 1 features a cover by The Boys co-creator Darick Robertson!

    Check out the full lineup of this year’s books at https://www.freecomicbookday.com and ask your local comic shop to order 10 Ton Press! #FreeComicBookDay #FCBD2021

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    Friends! 10 Ton Press now has a mailing list where you can get all of the info for their upcoming comic releases, including the all-ages series CHARLEY & HUMPHREY written by myself and illustrated by John Hageman! Go to 10tonpress.com and scroll near the bottom of the page to sign up! And while you’re there, order some cool stuff! Thanks, and I hope you’ll join us when the series launches early next year!

  • Brought to Life: A Romance of Two Spirits

    It’s here! My first short film in nine years, BROUGHT TO LIFE, is now available to watch on YouTube! Enjoy!

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