Month: December 2021

  • Happy Holidays!

    Happy Holidays from Charley & Humphrey! Check out their new comic book, in comic stores and on January 19th! #comic #comics #charleyandhumphrey #patmccormick #comicbook #comicbooks #10tonpress


    Amazing article about the CHARLEY & HUMPHREY comic by John Hageman and I, written by Rae Alexandra at! Check it out! Thank you, Rae! Click on the image below to read the article!

  • Thanks, Fanboy Planet!

    Thanks so much for your lovely review of CHARLEY & HUMPHREY #1, Fanboy Planet! Look for issue one at your local comic shop or online retailers December 29th! L.A. ComicCon 2021: Pat McCormick’s Charley & Humphrey