Month: August 2021

  • Free Comic Book Day is Tomorrow!

    Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day! Run out to your local comic shop and pick up 10 Ton Press’s 10 Tons of Fun Preview, featuring a CHARLEY & HUMPHREY story by John Hageman and I! See you there, and check out all of the awesome comics coming your way at!

  • Free Comic Book Day is August 14th!

    Pick up your copy of 10 Ton Press’ 10 Tons of Fun Preview this Free Comic Book Day, Saturday August 14th at your local comic shop! It features a Charley & Humphrey story written by myself, and illustrated by the great John Hageman!Special thanks to Dennis and Sheryl Lancaster for their puppet wizardry!

  • Free Comic Book Day at Flying Colors Comics!

    Say, what are you doing on Saturday, August 14th? It’s Free Comic Book Day, so head on down to Flying Colors Comics in Concord and meet Charley & Humphrey co-creator John Hageman, Becoming Frankenstein’s Mel Smith and Red Dawn’s Brandon McKinney!

  • Free Comic Book Day!