SDCC 2013!

I’m back from SDCC, and I can honestly say it was the most fun I’ve ever had at a comic con! Got to meet and greet with tons of people, got to tell Sergio Aragones how happy I was that my letter to him appeared in SERGIO ARAGONES FUNNIES #8, met Eric Powell, Roy Thomas, Sam Kieth, got to help my pal Chris Wisnia film some of his upcoming comics documentary and finally got to meet some of the SLG folks in person who I hadn’t met yet (including Aaron Alexovich, Drew Rausch, Chris Reilly and newest addition Matthew Ritter). I also was starstruck when I realized our booth was right next to the headliners of one of my favorite shows, the original DARK SHADOWS! And so, I leave you with a picture of myself and Kathryn Leigh Scott (“Maggie Evans”) and Lara Parker (“Angelique Bouchard”)! See you in 2014, San Diego!


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