Month: June 2013


    It’s here, comic fans! The second book in my hilariously horrific Victorian terror series from SLG Publishing, BLOODY DREADFUL, is now on Amazon! In the story “No Small Parts”, unscrupulous drama critic Arthur Yates attempts to blackmail famous actor Vincent Hollow into revealing the secrets behind his uncannily realistic stage makeup. When Hollow refuses to […]

  • SLG Publishing at Comic-Con!

    SLG Publishing at Comic-Con! Going to Comic-Con this year? Then head over to booth 1815 and meet all your favorite SLG Publishing artists, such as: Jhonen Vasquez Aaron Alexovich Drew Rausch Greg Weisman Landry Walker Jef Bambas Justin Sane Chris Wisnia Chris Reilly And pick up a copy of BLOODY DREADFUL BOOK 2, which will […]


    Good news, everyone! This week I’ve done a guest strip for John Hageman’s hilarious webcomic SOCIAL VERMYN! It’s like Office Space with foul-mouthed animals, so you should all love it! Just go to SOCIALVERMYN.COM and check it out the full version of my comic, as well as all of John’s strips!