Month: February 2012

  • HEART OF A CORPSE Issue #1 is #11 on comiXology’s Top Free Comics!

    That’s right, comic fans! The first part of my graphic novel, HEART OF A CORPSE, has almost reached the top ten free comics on comiXology! Please help spread the word – and let’s get it to #1! The first part is free, and the second is a measly 99 cents!

  • Nightmares & Fairy Tales’ Serena Valentino weighs in on HEART OF A CORPSE!

    “Heart of a Corpse is stark, beautiful and moving – like some of my favorite silent film directors, Justin exhibits exquisite visual storytelling skills in this dark and romantic story.” – Serena Valentino, creator and writer of Nightmares & Fairy Tales and author of Fairest of All. Visit Serena’s site and make sure to pick […]

  • HEART OF A CORPSE is here!

    It’s here! HEART OF A CORPSE, my graphic novel from SLG, is now available in digital form! The first issue is free, with the second part being a paltry 99 cents! You’d spend 99 cents on lil’ ol’ me, wouldn’t you? SLG: Available as a PDF, CBZ or ePub file! comiXology: Download the app for […]

  • HEART OF A CORPSE comes to you February 15th!

    That’s right, my friends – my long-awaited debut graphic novel from the mighty SLG Publishing will be coming to you digitally tomorrow – so grab your digital readers! You can find it on comiXology – download the app for your iPhone, iPad, Android or Kindle Fire and prepare yourselves for tomorrow’s release! A release for […]